Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans

Whether you knew this or not, Harbor Breeze ceiling fans are made especially for Lowes stores around the nation. Yes, they are absolutely the main store selection from each and every Lowes stores. These fans are actually made by Litex. Like most of these Home Improvement stores they don't actually make the fans, they are made by another manufacturer, but they are made specifically to be that stores brand. Litex actually makes quite a few different brands that are readily available on the market today at other Home Centers across our country. But we'll save those for the appropriate places to insert into the site but it's quite probable that you've already seen a Litex manufactured ceiling fan and just didn't realize it cause it's been branded by someone else.

Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans 52-inch Tilghman Bronze

Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans 52-inch Tilghman Bronze

Like most big home improvement giants, Lowes offers many Harbor Breeze fans in superb combinations of colors, finishes, styles and price range. In fact, the Harbor Breeze line at Lowe's can range from the simplistic Harbor Breeze 42" Armitage White Ceiling Fan which retails for $19.94 all the way to the elegant Harbor Breeze 52" Cambridge Bronze Ceiling Fan with a 3 speed reversible motor and Tiffany lighted housing, 5 reversible cherry and mendel teak blades and a remote control included retailing for $299.00. You can expect everything in finishes to from Brass to Bronze, Chrome to Copper, Iron to Nickel, and even Pewter. With this knowledge you can bet that you could pick up a ceiling fan that not only fits your budget but your style and decor as well.

Like most ceiling fan manufacturers, Harbor Breeze ceiling fans come in a variety of sizes. You'd be sure to find the appropriate sized ceiling fan for any room in your home. From those small utility rooms to the large family rooms, they have fans ranging from 30" Breezeway Ceiling Fan that's petite enough for just about any small room all the way to the bohemoth 56" Titanium Ceiling Fan that gives the ominous appearance of one of those giant wind-turbine generators. The majority of there fans fall in the 52"-category which is also pretty much the typical standard size that anyone looks for. Most all of them have a light kit included (97) but there are a few that don't so be careful if you are looking for one that does to select the right model. They do sport 12 models that come with remote controls.

For all you patio lovers out there, Harbor Breeze fans also come in a variety of outdoor usage ratings. Of course the majority of their ceiling fans are for indoor use only and will likely not hold up as an outside ceiling fan if you try and use one those models for this purpose, but that's one of those occasions where you can't blame the fan but the homeowner for the choice. They do however boast 18 ceiling fans that are rated for either damp or wet usage (evenly split at 9 a piece).

The "wet" models sport 2 contemporary designed fans being the Harbor Breeze 52" Black Teak Ceiling Fan that retails for $179.00 and the 52" Bronze Pacific Grove Ceiling Fan which weighs in at $169.00. I'm more partial to the later as I just think it's cooler looking and plus, call me thrifty, but it's $10.00 cheaper. The other seven models are all Harbor Breeze Calera ceiling fans and look just like your regular old run of the mill fans, some with lights, some without, some black, some white, ranging from $70-$100.

Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans 52-inch Solstice Rustic Bronze

Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans 52-inch Solstice Rustic Bronze

The "damp" models are where all the fun comes in, but be realistic, if it says "damp" don't be putting it in a "wet" area, there is a difference and will help prolong the life of your ceiling fan. Now onto the fun. I would classify these fans as all being contemporary as they have a style and design all there own. They are a bit more pricey than the "wet" models going all the way up to $239 for the Harbor Breeze 52" Solstice Rustic Bronze Ceiling Fan down to the 52" Tilghman Bronze Ceiling Fan for $99 (still quite nice though if you ask me). The one that really stands out in my opinion is the Harbor Breeze 52" Brass Paradiso ($199). If you are going for that upper scale but still tropically relaxing environment for that perfect patio this would be the ceiling fan for you. With a 5 speed reversible motor, weather proof ABS blades that look like they've just been plucked from the palm tree, an included 4-drop light kit and hangdown mount, you won't be able to do anything but relax underneath it's gentle breeze.

52″ Harbor Breeze Solstice Ceiling Fan

The Harbor Breeze Solstice is one unique looking ceiling fan sporting some old world charm and appeal. From it’s very distinctive bronzed-rustic finish to the 5 ceiling fan blades that look like wooden palm leaves (very nice touch in my opinion) that also have a rustic look, you could definitely classify this one as a [...]

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Arthur February 27, 2009 at 11:33 am

I really like that harbor breeze paradiso model. Such a neat looking fan and just so happens to be an outdoor model as well. That’s great. I’ve been looking for one to put out on my patio and really like the fan and those palm/banana blades look phenomenal.

Pete M February 28, 2009 at 8:22 am

Great info. @Arthur – I’ve got that one, it’s a beauty and works like a charm on our porch.

Dennis Van Haitsma November 12, 2009 at 12:40 am

Every once in a while following an electric storm (usually) I need to reset the remote on my Harbor Breeze CALERA Ceiling fan, as it will not turn the fixture on. I’ve done this a couple of times and I thought I wrote down how I did it but I cannot locate it.. too much time has lapsed as has my memory, so if someone can help me by telling me how to reset it IO would be most appreciative

John Romano February 4, 2010 at 2:54 am

I am interested in the Harbor Breeze Solstice but I’m curious if this is the only model, is there one that is not as dark as this? Also what is the price?

Lisa Frakes March 16, 2011 at 10:40 pm

I bought a Harbor Breeze Tilghman fan 2 years ago. During a storm one blade broke now we are having to buy all new blades because these blades are not available. Be careful buying harbor breeze from Lowes the do not carry parts for any length of time.

bikash June 23, 2011 at 1:16 am

i am interested to activate my harbour breeze ELEVATGION fan. after i bought it i am not able to run the FAN although all wired a hooked correctly.

ken sokody July 31, 2011 at 8:59 pm

can the pacific grove be used outdoors not under a porch, the fan motor does not say wet rated?

Tim Carroll August 6, 2011 at 10:14 pm

I am looking for a replacement globe for a Harbor Breeze ceiling fan that we bought last year from Lowes. It has a modern look, with two blades which kind of sweep back.

I don’t know how to further identify the fan. If you think you might have such a globe please let me know what to do.

Tim Carroll

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